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One of the world’s most popular sightseeing hotspots and holiday destination, Bali has recently become a destination for medical tourism as well. Only a short flight from Australia, the island is particularly popular with those who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. Since the available treatment options at home may be unavailable or overly expensive, many decide to come to Bali for private alcohol or drug rehab.

Alcohol and drug rehab centres in Bali deliver high-quality programmes – often in luxurious facilities – at a fraction of the cost of their counterparts in a country such as Australia. As an added benefit, clients have the opportunity to break from the added stresses of their daily lives, and begin their recovery journeys in an idyllic tropical island setting.

General information can be found below, along with a complete list of private rehab centres on the island. Keep in mind, however, that Bali also offers other types of wellness facilities. Many Australians come to Bali to attend mental health retreats, as a way of restoring their personal balance. With its soothing environment and warm hospitality, the island is indeed conducive to wellbeing – so let’s look closer at what to expect if you come to Bali for rehab.

Freedom rehab bali swimming pool

Freedom Rehab Bali

Bali rehab retreat featuring large swimming pool with waterfall cave

Calm Rehab Bali

Tropical garden with pool and sun beds at Bali rehab clinic

Kembali Recovery Centre

Poolside terrace and exterior building of drug rehab in Bali

Bali Beginnings

Beautiful resort-style rehab facility in Bali, Indonesia

Sivana Bali

The Lighthouse Bali

Rehab facility in Bali featuring tropical pool and swim up bar

Seasons Bali

Which Bali Rehab is Right for You?

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What is rehab retreat in Bali like?

Bali rehabs are generally small (no more than 15 beds), and set in secluded areas surrounded by nature. The facilities are all-inclusive, and accommodation is very comfortable. Clients usually stay in houses resembling private, resort-style villas. Programmes usually consist of a mix of leading-edge medical and behavioral treatments, holistic therapy elements, and activities that take advantage of Bali’s famed culture and nature designed to bolster mood, health and wellness.

What to expect from a typical drug rehab in Bali

Inpatient drug rehab programmes in Bali typically last 30 days, and even longer in some cases. If necessary, you will undergo detox at the beginning of treatment. Once detox is complete, a typical day will involve something like the following: breakfast, morning meeting, group therapy, lunch, individual therapy, exercise activities, supper, and informal evening activities.

What services are offered at Bali rehab?

Addiction treatment is provided for alcohol, ice/meth, and other drugs – as well as for various forms of behavioural addiction. Some rehab centres in Bali may also offer dual diagnosis treatment and medical detoxification. Core treatment typically consists of one-on-one counselling as well as group therapy. In addition to standard treatment sessions, inpatient rehabs in Bali provide accommodation, meals, and recreational activities.

Luxury rehab experience in Bali

Luxury rehab in Bali have accommodation, facilities, and services that are similar to those found in luxury 5-star resorts. Clients can expect to find an expansive pool, their own ensuite private room, a small but functional fitness centre, and tropical gardens. Mid-range rehabs tend to be more modest in their furnishings, but are far more comfortable than private facilities back in Australia at the same price point.

What treatment modalities are employed?

Treatment approaches may vary somewhat by centre, but commonly employed modalities include medical detoxification, cognitive behavioural therapy, the 12-step treatment model, experiential therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, motivational interviewing, trauma treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, and mindfulness meditation.

The cost of private drug rehab in Bali

The costs of rehab in Bali vary from centre to centre. Luxury rehab clinics generally cost $15,000-$30,000 per month, while more affordable options range from $7,000 to $15,000 per month. Some high-end rehab clinics offer exclusive treatment programmes, or treatment for fewer than five clients at a time. This type of highly personalised service can cost up $70,000 per month.

What activities do Bali rehabs offer?

In addition to standard counselling, rehabs in Bali also offer extras that are normally only available at higher-end rehabs in Western countries. These include holistic practices such as yoga, art therapy, and spa treatments. Bali rehabs also offer activities that are unique to the island, giving clients the unique opportunity to enjoy jungle treks, surfing, temple tours, Balinese massage, snorkelling, and more – all as part of your treatment programme.


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