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4 Best Mental Health Retreats in Bali
Escape, Reset & Recover in the Tropics

As one of Asia’s top sightseeing destinations, Bali also provides an excellent environment for people seeking escape and recovery. The island’s strong spiritual history and philosophies are directed towards growth, rehabilitation, and rebirth. Bali mental health retreats, with their wonderful tropical setting and exquisite hospitality, put these qualities to excellent use when presenting clients with a wide range of wellness activities.
The combination of a warm, scenic environment with comfortable and laid-back accommodation make Bali the ideal wellness retreat destination for focusing on mental health. Although each day’s treatment activities are focused on intensive behavioural therapy with one-on-one counselling, the themes are of relaxation – and the effect will be similar to that of an especially satisfying vacation. Plus, you will have acquired valuable coping strategies and mental tools to deal with your issues when you return home.

Below, we address some frequently-asked questions regarding Bali’s wellness retreats for mental health. It is important to note that these mental health resorts are meant to address mild to moderate mental health issues, and are not intended to treat severe drug or alcohol
addictions. Therefore, if you have a co-occurring addiction that requires focused or intensive treatment, or if your addiction is a primary/active disorder, we recommend that you attend a more specialised drug/alcohol rehab facility.

Choices Retreat

Large swimming pool in a secluded area at one of Bali retreats for mental health

Renew Health Retreat

Wellness retreat for mental health in Bali feature outdoor terrace and swimming pool in a private villa

The Daisy Retreat

Outdoor pool area at a mental health resort in Bali

The Place Retreats

Which Retreat is Right for You?

Selecting the right retreat for your mental health is a big decision. Get in touch with a dedicated treatment specialist to find a mental health retreat that best fits your needs.

What does a typical day at a mental health retreat in Bali look like?

Mental health retreats in Bali focus on building stronger and positive minds. A normal practical morning might start with a yoga session outdoors to relax and calm your nerves. This activity may be followed by physical therapy including massage. The second half of the day would include free time to relax, meditate, or walk on the beach – followed by private therapy sessions with a specialist. As treatment programmes typically follow a flexible schedule, you’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy cultural activities and tourist attractions if you wish.

Why are Bali retreats the top pick for Australians?

English is largely spoken throughout Bali, making for a relaxed and accessible expat environment. Bali mental health retreats also provide high-quality treatment in a friendly setting where sightseeing opportunities are plentiful and discretion is the norm. By offering great value very close to Australia itself, it’s no wonder Bali has become the number one destination for most Australians.

What is the retreat programme like?

The core pillars of treatment are evidence-based behavioral therapy, along with holistic methods of wellness and recovery. CBT and other forms of psychotherapy provide the mental tools needed to practice self-control, while non-counselling-based activities promote inner harmony through physical and spiritual relaxation. As Bali mental health retreats are generally small, formal therapy tends to be provided at an individual, rather than group, level.

Are there any special retreats for depression and anxiety?

There are some specialist mental health retreats in Bali which cater specifically to depression and anxiety disorders, using intensive CBT as the main approach to treatment. Bali’s culture takes matters of the spirit seriously, with a tradition of combining the mind and body as one. This approach can be particularly useful for those seeking to recapture a positive outlook on life.

What conditions can be treated?

Bali mental health retreats help individuals regain their overall wellness from a wide range of psychological challenges such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, childhood trauma, grief, and loss. Treatments include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and other forms of psychotherapy, mindfulness meditation, wellness treatments, and cultural activities.

How affordable are mental health retreats in Bali?

Staying in mental health rehabs in Bali usually costs from $3,000-8,000 per week, and the entire programme length typically runs from 7-14 days. Cost depends on location, accommodation, and amenities within the retreat itself.


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