Going to Rehab in Bali
How to Prepare and What to Pack

Going to rehab is a deeply intimate decision and not an easy one to make. You may have doubts about how to prepare for rehab, what to pack, how to handle questions about going to rehab and related issues.  

The idea of going to a rehab retreat in Bali can fill you with feelings of hope, optimism, and excitement but also somewhat anxious and nervous about what lies ahead because it means that you will have to stop using the substances. So, planning your rehab in a beautiful tropical destination such as Bali may help relieve this tension a bit.

However, if you are preparing for inpatient rehab in Bali, you may become concerned about how your absence will affect your family and your affairs back home. 

Here are a few tips on what you need to prepare and know before going to rehab to help you overcome inconveniences and solely focus on your treatment.

What to Take with You to Rehab in Bali?

Whether you are going to drug and alcohol rehab or for a mental health retreat in Bali, you should pack some essentials. These travel basics may include:

What Not to Pack to Rehab?

When packing for rehab, exclude clothing with alcohol and drug-related logos as well as provocative clothes. Other items that are generally not allowed in inpatient treatment include:

Taking Care of Family, Work and Finances

Rather than becoming overwhelmed while preparing for rehab, focus on the positive long-term effects therapy will have on your life. This mindset will help you take care of your family, work and financial obligations while focusing on rehabilitation.


One of the most important things to consider involves delegating caregiving responsibilities while in rehab. If you have dependant children or pets or you are a caregiver to elderly parents, you will need to make arrangements for someone else to take care of them.  You can either ask reliable family members or friends for help or hire a professional caregiver. The latest might be a better option if your dependants have chronic health conditions that need constant supervision and assistance


You will need to make arrangements at work when going to rehab. While in rehab, your leave of absence may be unpaid. 

Make sure to talk to your employer or manager and explain your reasons for leaving work. While you may feel more comfortable keeping the reason for your leave from your coworkers, being honest with your manager tends to be the best way to approach the situation. 

Ensure that you delegate tasks to coworkers who agree to take care of them. Furthermore, provide your clients and colleagues with contact details for a person who will be taking care of your tasks, emails, and calls.

Financial Obligations

Your financial obligations will not pause while in rehab in Bali, so you will want to take care of your assets and bills before you are gone. Consider paying your bills ahead or signing up for auto-pay while in rehabilitation. The other option is to ask someone close and trustworthy to pay bills for you while you are away. 

Taking care of your financial obligations when going to rehab will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on your treatment and recovery. 

Dealing with Questions About Going to Rehab

Going to rehab is a profoundly personal experience that you may or may not want to share with those around you. People will most likely have questions about your recovery, but it is up to you how you will bring up and handle the subject. However, discussing your rehab retreat in Bali with those affected by your addiction can be an essential part of the healing process.

Preparing Yourself Mentally for Rehab in Bali

To make the most of your rehab retreat in Bali, you need to prepare yourself mentally as well. Try not to cling to other people’s experiences but accept that your rehab experience will be unique and beneficial to you.

We have helped hundreds of clients find a suitable treatment for the past ten years, so you can rest assured that we understand what you are going through. If you have any questions or concerns regarding treatment in Bali, feel free to contact us. Our qualified counsellors will be happy to assist you.


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